Ibiza Paradise is a new energy drink that is born with a purpose: do not miss anything.
With a refreshing taste and full of nuances, Ibiza Paradise gives you all the power you need for you be there where you want to be and you are the star of the big stories.
To laugh, jump, dance, get higher and charge you with Positive Energy.
They don’t tell us
Find out where we have been


We tell you

Achieve your goal

In Ibiza Paradise we think that getting a goal is only a matter of intending and as example our team of riders catching up in the 101 km of Ronda.

Heading to Ibiza

Our sailing has already left towards the island with a crew full of positive energy, led by the winner of the promotion of Discovery Max that rafflet tickets to see

We are Released

We don’t want they tell you anything. Therefore, to buy 8 cans Ibiza we take you to the movies to see the new film Robocop with whom you want.